Backpacking through Transylvania

I would like to design a backpack that has lots and lots of pockets.

Big pockets, small pockets, medium pockets. All sorts of pockets!

I would call it ‘The Van Helsing‘, and I would use it to store wooden stakes, and hammers, and bottles of Holy Water, and cloves of garlic, and an Almanac that shows the exact time of sunrise for every day, and crucifixes, and silver bullets. And then, because it would weigh about 15kg with all this stuff in it, I would beat vampires to death with it.

So it will need to be sturdy and stain-resistant as well.


3 thoughts on “Backpacking through Transylvania

  1. You’re a loon, but I like you. Did you know it’s Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday today? Log on to Google and see how they’ve marked it.
    I like your backpack idea. Maybe you should develop it – have the launch party here. We’re only a few minutes (as the bat flits) from Bran Castle. Have a look:
    Have a lively day.

  2. Hello abbspepper, I am _very_ surprised to receive a comment on this blog during its first day of existence! It has but barely torn itself free of the chains with which I kept it bound in the basement of my mind and is currently rampaging through the tiny village that is my imagination. Daft place to build a village, if you ask me.

    Do you really live in Romania?

    If I ever get to make my Van Helsing bag, I promise I will bring it to Bran Castle and do away with some of the Undead, or at least with several of the tour guides if they aren’t interesting.

    I knew it was Bram Stoker’s birthday (because of Google), and then I forgot, and then you reminded me. I wonder if this is why I was thinking about vampires?

    And if you are bitten today, I hope it is only by wanderlust…

    Murray @ Midnight

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