Calvin and Hobbes, the gateway comic strip


I have a theory that the true flaw of recreational drugs is that they only make your mind dribble with pretty colors for a relatively short period of time, and then real life sucks badly by comparison until you can inject more pills, or snort the dooby, or whatever it is you do (you’d think I’d be more hip to drug culture references since I started watching ‘Breaking Bad’, but the lingua franca of the hood still eludes me, yo).

I think the smarter way of approaching this would be to intentionally take a drug that makes you feel completely and utterly dreadful  for a short period of time, so that the real world is amazing by comparison.

I would market these pills as ‘Grumpies’, and if my theory is correct, you’d take a couple of them, scream for two hours straight, and then afterwards you’d giggle with pleasure when your bus runs late, or when telemarketers interrupt your dinner, or when Starbucks gets your order of a half-caff-half-soy-latte-grande-with-rose-scented-syrup wrong again, the bastards.


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