Earth’s mightiest titan battles Moon Monsters!

Not only was Hercules Against The Moon Men filmed in COSMICOLOR and LUNARSCOPE (I wish I’d been in the meeting where they decided to go with that), but it seems the Italian film industry of the 1960s was waaaay ahead of the Mayans in predicting the end of the world due to a planetary collision.

As luck would have it, I’m surrounded by the notion of catastrophic collisions – I’m currently reading The Last Policeman: A Novel, a book which asks the question of what would it be like to investigate a suspected homicide in a world that is reeling from the knowledge that it is now only months away from an extinction event due to an impending collision with an asteroid.

And then, of course, we have NASA outright denying that the Mayans were onto something when they decided to end their calendar at Dec 21 2012, because what’s the point of knowing the date when the world has been blown to bits?

Despite the fact that I am a bajillion percent certain that the Mayans and their calendar are wildly uninvolved with the end of the world, I am still going to spend the rest of the evening in my backyard in case the Moon Men land.


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