Set my people free

Some days, tough days, when Lupus is grinding me down with pain and exhaustion, I dream of being set free.

Freedom can mean many things to me, and it changes from day-to-day. Sometimes from moment to moment.

Some days I am achingly tired, and all I want is to go to sleep peacefully and dream away the rest of my life.

Some days I force myself to be optimistic, and I think about what it would be like if there was a cure.

Some days I grit my teeth and wish I was  independently wealthy, so I could pay attention to how I feel today, rather than having to force my battered existence into work and the  other things the world needs from me.

Some days, and I am not particularly proud to admit this, I want everyone to feel the way I feel, so they understand why today is hard, and why tomorrow will be too, and the day after that.

Most days, however, I just imagine what it would be like to feel a little less tired, and a little less confused, and a little less limited. Freedom…

What would Freedom be to you?


3 thoughts on “Set my people free

  1. Human mind can’t endure any pain for long. It either breaks or finds a way out.
    Freedom to me is, something that no one can or has to give me; not even the creator. Because I choose it to be mine and give it to myself.

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