Things That Mention Midnight #5: Black as midnight on a moonless night

If you grew up with Twin Peaks as I did, or even if you encountered the strange, sometimes haunting, often ridiculous, always entertaining television show more recently, you’ll know that there is only one thing in the quirky little town that is almost as important as who killed Laura Palmer, or why Leo Johnson keeps saying “New shoes!” after he burned down the mill with his wife, Shelly, tied up inside and then got shot by Hank Jennings, whose release from jail ruined Norma’s secret affair with Big Ed, who doesn’t know what to do when Nadine develops super strength and goes back to high school and… wait, what were we talking about? Oh yes, the other important thing in Twin Peaks! — A cup of good, hot, black coffee.

Press play to get some great advice from Special Agent Dale Cooper.



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