Oh, and make me rich as well?

Dear Internet,

I had a haircut yesterday. Every time I go, my hairdresser says, “What do you want today?”, and every time I say, “Make me devastatingly handsome,” and we both laugh, but a little bit of his soul dies every time; you can see it in his eyes.


5 thoughts on “Oh, and make me rich as well?

    • Lol, I think the subtext of that conversation is that if he _could_ make me devastatingly handsome, he would be touring the country and curing the lame and the blind instead. Still, he gives me the best cuts I’ve ever had, such as they are, so maybe I should torment him less. Balanced against that, he did attack me with a cutthroat razor once. He says it was an accident, but it was the way he was yelling, “Die, you bastard, die!” that makes me wonder…


      • Or another interpretation could be, if not for the fact that you are clearly already handsome, that he could not possibly improve on perfection! (Too much? LOL) I do think that a great haircut can do wonders, though. A devastating effect! Although a cutthroat razor could also have a devastating effect.

        Be kind to your cosmetologists. Not everything they cut will grow back!

        • Well, that’s very nice of you, but this is just me making the most of one of the very few flattering photos of me that exist. The funny thing is, I think this image came from a webcam, and I remember thinking, “Oh! Oh that’s much nicer than usual, let me try again,” and the 200 following photos went back to looking like Mildly Unattractive Guy, which is normal. Who knows what strange thing was happening with that webcam during that particular moment?

          Absolutely agree about a good haircut, and I say be kind to anyone who gets to hold sharp things near your face for a living… 🙂


          • I think we are our worst critics, frankly. My husband is the same way and I find him to be terribly sexy because he doesn’t seem to think so! Nothing worse than a man that thinks he’s God’s gift to women, so you keep that up. Clearly it is part of your charm. As for people who hold sharp objects near your face, I concur!

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