It’s beginning to look a lot like THONK!

Peter Lorre is about to go on the VERY naughty list…

Sometimes I wonder who Santa Claus really is…

I mean, he has multiple aliases (Saint Nick, Santa Claus, Father Christmas) and a shady past. He hangs out with Elves, which is pretty cool, but he isn’t an Elf himself.

Rumour has it that he lives at the North Pole and yet he’s really, really good at breaking into houses. But ask yourself this… how many houses are there at the North Pole that he could practise on?

Then there’s the fact that for 364 days of the year the only time you ever see him is when he’s allegedly hanging around thousands of different malls at the very same time.

Yes, the more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes. Santa Claus is really Gandalf!

The Christmas toy thing is obviously just what Gandalf does during the slow ‘destroying the One True Ring’ season that happens in Middle Earth around December each year…

Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope Gandalf Santa Claus is kind to you this year!!

Murray @ Midnight


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