Apply within…

I just finished watching the movie Spectre. I feel I would have made a good supervillain except for my lack of intelligence, ruthlessness, psychotic ambition and sense of purpose, and finances. However, I can do a wonderful evil laugh…


One with storm

Dear Internet,

Most nights when I practice tai chi, I light citronella candles, because it’s entrancing to watch the light flickering and dancing among the branches of our mango tree, which overshadows the little courtyard at the side of our house.

Last night it was raining heavily, and I almost decided to skip the practice session. However, I have only just started learning tai chi, and I felt guilty about letting the elements discourage me from being a diligent student.

So, into the storm I went…

It turned out to be a refreshing and invigorating experience. For forty or so minutes I moved slowly through the forms I have been taught, with rain water coursing down my face and soaking my clothes. By the time I was finished I was drenched, but a hot shower and some dry clothes later, and I was glad I had persisted.

It looks like the rain is here to stay for a few days, so probably tonight I will go out into the storm again.

Murray @ Midnight

And this is why they yell ‘aiyeee!’

Dear Internet,

I had my first Tai Chi / Kung Fu class today. This is part of my “2013, The Murray Has Landed!” project, which is why I spent this morning wishing I was still in bed, instead of being in a Ukrainian Community Hall performing a move that I think was called “Fondling The Pony In Slow Motion”, while my thigh muscles screamed about the retribution they would be inflicting on me tomorrow.

No, wait… the move is actually called “Parting The Wild Horse’s Mane”. I looked it up. Fondling The Pony In Slow Motion is probably a move that will only get you arrested…

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Both elbows and one of his knees

Dear Internet,

I had to have gum surgery today and I feel like someone has been playfully tapping on the side of my head with a hammer.

Gum disease, unfortunately, is one of the many common problems associated with Lupus. Sadly, it looks like I might be losing one of my teeth in the near future.

For now, I am going to curl up in a ball and hope the painkillers start working soon.