And this is why they yell ‘aiyeee!’

Dear Internet,

I had my first Tai Chi / Kung Fu class today. This is part of my “2013, The Murray Has Landed!” project, which is why I spent this morning wishing I was still in bed, instead of being in a Ukrainian Community Hall performing a move that I think was called “Fondling The Pony In Slow Motion”, while my thigh muscles screamed about the retribution they would be inflicting on me tomorrow.

No, wait… the move is actually called “Parting The Wild Horse’s Mane”. I looked it up. Fondling The Pony In Slow Motion is probably a move that will only get you arrested…

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But it would be a nice island

Do you know who I think should be rounded up and pushed onto an island somewhere, never to return? All the good-looking people who are also very nice.

Good looking people I can cope with. Nice people I can cope with. But good-looking, nice people are obviously out of control and need to be stopped.

My periodontist is a good-looking, very nice person. I imagine he is probably very fondly thought of by a number of his female patients, and for all I know, some of his male ones as well.

Yes, the picture gets a little skewed by the fact that he’s a complete sadist when he gets his hands in your mouth and he’s torturing you to find out where the diamonds are hidden. Or, at least, this is what I imagine is happening when I have to see him, because that’s a thousand percent more interesting than gum problems.

However, some good news about this update:

Apparently the tooth may not be beyond all hope, and we are progressing as if it has a long and happy life ahead of it of lurking in the upper back right of my mouth, where it belongs.

Both elbows and one of his knees

Dear Internet,

I had to have gum surgery today and I feel like someone has been playfully tapping on the side of my head with a hammer.

Gum disease, unfortunately, is one of the many common problems associated with Lupus. Sadly, it looks like I might be losing one of my teeth in the near future.

For now, I am going to curl up in a ball and hope the painkillers start working soon.


Set my people free

Some days, tough days, when Lupus is grinding me down with pain and exhaustion, I dream of being set free.

Freedom can mean many things to me, and it changes from day-to-day. Sometimes from moment to moment.

Some days I am achingly tired, and all I want is to go to sleep peacefully and dream away the rest of my life.

Some days I force myself to be optimistic, and I think about what it would be like if there was a cure.

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As an Australian, I can’t directly participate in the Lupus Foundation of America’s ‘Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery National Tour’, but I’d love to encourage any who can participate to do so! See the excellent post at “Lupus, the Adventure Between The Lines” for more details…

Lupus, the Adventure Between the Lines

You may know the Lupus Foundation of America, but have you heard about their new rallying cry and awareness campaign launched last week?  The new logo and branding campaign, should help spread lupus awareness, and help people better understand the mystery, complexity and potential severity of lupus.

Watch the video to learn more about the new LFA logo and awareness slogan:

To read more of the following excerpt from the ALA website, click on this link: more…

(From LFA Washington, DC) LFA is launching a multi-city education and awareness initiative to engage the public, healthcare providers and those living with the disease in the fight to end lupus. The Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery‚ĄĘ National Tour will feature a 45-foot bus, equipped with eight interactive exhibits and displays, where visitors can learn about lupus, experience what it is like to live with the disease, and sign a petition to‚Ķ

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Your love for swimming will help you become an expert skin diver

Given that nostalgia is one of the strongest forces in the universe, I’m 4 million percent certain that many people will be saddened at the news that Bazooka Bubble Gum is about to lose the Bazooka Joe comic strip from its packaging.

I’m not one of those people, but probably only because I didn’t grow up with Bazooka bubble gum, and to be honest the idea of following the exploits of an eyepatch wearing kid called Bazooka Joe sounds exactly like what it is: a quaint marketing gimmick from the 1950s, when quaint was serious business.

For me, this is all about the image above, and the striking and somewhat surreal statement on the bottom left panel: “Your love for swimming will help you become an expert skin diver”. I’m going to assume that all the Bazooka Joe comic strips featured¬†a randomly encouraging sentence, because it would make me happier to believe this, and because for all I know, it’s probably true.

Did you grow up with Bazooka bubble gum?