But it would be a nice island

Do you know who I think should be rounded up and pushed onto an island somewhere, never to return? All the good-looking people who are also very nice.

Good looking people I can cope with. Nice people I can cope with. But good-looking, nice people are obviously out of control and need to be stopped.

My periodontist is a good-looking, very nice person. I imagine he is probably very fondly thought of by a number of his female patients, and for all I know, some of his male ones as well.

Yes, the picture gets a little skewed by the fact that he’s a complete sadist when he gets his hands in your mouth and he’s torturing you to find out where the diamonds are hidden. Or, at least, this is what I imagine is happening when I have to see him, because that’s a thousand percent more interesting than gum problems.

However, some good news about this update:

Apparently the tooth may not be beyond all hope, and we are progressing as if it has a long and happy life ahead of it of lurking in the upper back right of my mouth, where it belongs.

Attack of the kissing villain!

I’ve been looking back over the posts from my first month-and-a-bit of running Wisdom City, and something stands out.

I appear to be obsessed with kissing… Which is sort of odd, because I didn’t start this blog with the idea of making kissing into a regular theme.

I don’t think I pose a danger to people on the streets, yet, but it’s fairly obvious that I should stay away from rural areas

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I’m becoming part of a small ecosystem of bloggers, people whose lives and thoughts interest me, people who seem to regularly or semi-regularly wander by Wisdom City to find out what I’ve posted here. I know there are blogs out there with bajillions of followers, but so far I’m happy in this little corner.

There are, however, some regular offenders of which you should be aware. Treat with extreme caution, tell them thank you from me if you ever manage to bring one to justice.

In no particular order, thank you to:

I’m sure there are other regulars that I should be listing as well — if I missed mentioning you, poke me in the comments. 🙂

Murray @ Midnight, who is definitely not in a rural area. Promise.

Monsters and people

“Take that back!” Hissed Trevor The Vampire.

“I’m just saying,” said Frank The Zombie, holding up his hands, as well as several more hands that he had collected along the way, “monsters are people too.”

“Actually,” said Barry The Ghoul, his voice moaning from the shadows, “I think you’ll find most monsters were people, once.”

“Shut up, Barry,” said Trevor and Frank simultaneously.

“Back in Transylvania,” the Vampire said to the Zombie, “even implying that monsters are people would get you a punch in the nose. If I could find your nose, that is.”

“Except for maybe The Boogymen,” gurgled Barry The Ghoul from every direction at once. “Hard to imagine they were ever people.”

“Shut up, Barry,” said Trevor and Frank simultaneously.

“Boogy, boogy, boogy,” said Barry softly to himself, from the other side of nightmares.