But it would be a nice island

Do you know who I think should be rounded up and pushed onto an island somewhere, never to return? All the good-looking people who are also very nice.

Good looking people I can cope with. Nice people I can cope with. But good-looking, nice people are obviously out of control and need to be stopped.

My periodontist is a good-looking, very nice person. I imagine he is probably very fondly thought of by a number of his female patients, and for all I know, some of his male ones as well.

Yes, the picture gets a little skewed by the fact that he’s a complete sadist when he gets his hands in your mouth and he’s torturing you to find out where the diamonds are hidden. Or, at least, this is what I imagine is happening when I have to see him, because that’s a thousand percent more interesting than gum problems.

However, some good news about this update:

Apparently the tooth may not be beyond all hope, and we are progressing as if it has a long and happy life ahead of it of lurking in the upper back right of my mouth, where it belongs.


Both elbows and one of his knees

Dear Internet,

I had to have gum surgery today and I feel like someone has been playfully tapping on the side of my head with a hammer.

Gum disease, unfortunately, is one of the many common problems associated with Lupus. Sadly, it looks like I might be losing one of my teeth in the near future.

For now, I am going to curl up in a ball and hope the painkillers start working soon.